Residential Rental Licensing & Inspections

There are over 7,500 residential rental units in Norristown. It is the job of the Norristown Code Enforcement Department to ensure that each unit is licensed and meets certain minimum property maintenance standards.

Rental Zoning Approval

Depending on the location of the property, there are restrictions on the number of separate units that can be rented in a single building. For example, some areas, or zones, in Norristown, allow for only single-family homes. In these locations it is illegal to convert a single family home for two or more separate rental units. In addition, if the rental property has been vacant for an extended period, even if it was previously converted to a multi-unit apartment building it may no longer be legal to rent it out as a multi-unit. 

For more information on Zoning Approval please contact the Norristown Planning and Municipal Development Department at 610-270-0450.

Annual Rental License

Landlords must first have their properties licensed by the Municipality before a rental unit can be lawfully occupied. It is the responsibility of property owners who have not received an annual rental application and/or an invoice by mid-October of each calendar year to contact the Norristown Dept. of Buildings & Code Enforcement and follow-up accordingly.

Property owners who fail to submit the annual rental license application and/or fail to pay their invoice will be subject to penalties as stated under Ordinance 08-12 of 2008 and will also be subject to a late payment penalty of $60 per rental unit imposed and added to their invoice. 

First-Time Landlord

Follow these steps to get your property ready for renting.

Commercial and Multi-Unit properties - Zoning Approval is required prior to processing Rental License Applications.

  1. Submit a Rental License Application. Only applications that are fully completed will be accepted and considered for approval by the Municipality. 
  2. Once your application has been received by our staff, we will process your application and assign it to one of our Code Enforcement Officers. The Code Enforcement Officer will contact you to scheduled an inspection of the property.
  3. An inspection will be performed and if any violations are found an inspection report will be issued to you listing all violations that must be completed prior to renting the property.
  4. If repairs were required, once you have completed all required repairs to your property contact our office at 610-270-0441 to scheduled a re-inspection with your assigned inspector. 
  5. Once your property has passed inspection you will be sent an invoice for your rental license. After your payment has been received a rental license will be issued and you may now legally rent your property.


As part of the licensing process, your property may be subject to inspection by the Norristown Code Enforcement Department to ensure that it meets certain minimum property maintenance standards. Norristown uses the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, along with local amendments, as the basis for inspections. If your property is to be inspected, you will be given time to make arrangements with your tenants for a mutually convenient time for code officer to visit the property. Code officers will note on a standard form those conditions found during the inspection that you will need to correct in order to continue to legally operate your rental unit.


Failure to submit completed annual rental license application and/or pay rental license invoice will result in citations being filed at the Magisterial District Justices Office for Non-Compliance. 

If you fail to make the required corrections, a non-traffic citation will be issued for non-compliance with the Municipality of Norristown's laws, regulations, and ordinances.

If you fail to comply with the standards as set forth in Municipal Ordinance 08-12 of 2008 Section 245-2(H), your rental license may be revoked.