Special & Cultural Events Committee


  • As needed (meeting times are set at the first meeting in January)


The Special and Cultural Events Committee is charged with coordinating municipal events for the community, with particular emphasis on Norristown’s Fourth of July activities. The committee may decide to organize other events that celebrate and/or promote community, culture, arts, and/or recreation.

The Committee may designate an annual calendar of events to support. Specific duties include:

  • Raising funds for events
  • Coordinating the planning of events
  • Participating in the event to ensure success
  • Reporting to the Municipal Council the committee’s activities and/or accomplishments

Membership Requirements

The length of the membership for the Special and Cultural Events Committee is a three-year term. The committee is made of 11 members. Members must be residents of the Municipality of Norristown.

General Code

A formal description of the committee is not found in the Norristown General Code. The committee was created with Resolution 15-133 of 2015.