Street/private alley Maintenance

Norristown’s street maintenance program combines road paving and repair regular patching of potholes. 

Street Repair

Depending on funds available, each year Norristown receives bids for repairing and paving streets in the Municipality. Streets in the worst condition usually get paved before those in better condition.

Street Conditions

In 2007 each street in Norristown was evaluated and ranked by condition, the better the condition of the street, the higher the score. Generally, streets receiving the lowest scores were scheduled for paving and repair ahead of those receiving higher scores. View Norristown’s 15-year Pavement Management System.

Of course the plan is subject to change based on the changing condition of each street and funding available each year to pave, but it does provide a “snap-shot” as of 2007 of the condition of Norristown’s streets and a plan for addressing each one.

Private Alley Maintenance

In 2021, Municipal Council passed Res. 21-47, known as the 2021 Alleyway Maintenance Program. The resolution establishes a limited maintenance program between residents and the municipality for private alleys that the municipality, otherwise, would not be obliged to maintain. Seventy-five (75) percent of residents whose properties abut a private alley must petition the municipality to assist with alley maintenance. You can view the petition application here.

Potholes & Other Maintenance

In addition to paving, Norristown’s public works employees regularly patch potholes and perform other maintenance activities. To report a pothole or some other street maintenance need, call 610-270-0437 or submit an online request.

Maintenance Routes

Most streets in Norristown are part of a maintenance route. Signs prohibiting parking on certain days of the week and at certain times are located on most streets. Maintenance routes are most commonly associated with street sweeping.

Each week the street sweeper will work through the entire community based on the schedule posted on the signs. You need to move your car during the times posted on the sign to allow the sweeper to do its job. Failure to do so could result in a ticket.

Abandoned Vehicles

But maintenance routes are for much more than just sweeping. After a snow storm, when cars are removed from the street during a scheduled maintenance route day, plows are able to do a much more effective job. Use of the maintenance routes also allows police to identify abandoned vehicles. When the only vehicle left on the street is the abandoned, the police can quickly identify it and take steps to have it removed.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Following the street maintenance schedule and moving your car at the required time helps municipal employees better maintain your street and neighborhood. Thank you for your cooperation.