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Hurricane ida permit fee waiver

Due to the unprecedented flooding and damage caused by Hurricane Ida, the Municipality of Norristown is waiving permit (building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy, fire, and demolition) fees for the repairing of any damages to buildings caused by the storm. Permit requirements are not being waived, only permit fees. Property owners and contractors must still apply for and obtain approvals for construction work prior to work being performed. 

The waiver of permit fees is effective immediately and until further notice.

Property owners are asked to fill out the Montgomery County Property Damage Assessment form here. if your property has sustained damage due to the storm. A property must be registered with the county through this damage assessment form in order for the fees to be waived.

Department Goals

It is the goal of our department to:

  • Help to Maintain a Healthy Community: The department verifies that properties do not pose a health threat to the surrounding community. The department enforces strict property maintenance codes. These codes include measures to prevent insect or rodent infestation as well as to insure that vegetation is maintained at acceptable heights. Trash and debris are also not permitted to accumulate on properties.
  • Maintain Transparency: The department leadership believes that the taxpayers should understand how the department works and what steps it is taking to move forward. These efforts include regular reports to Council as well as attending community meetings when necessary.
  • Reduce Blight: The Building and Code Enforcement Department will initially try to work with owners to repair blighted properties. If those attempts are unsuccessful, the department will move the property to sheriff sale. In certain instances the Municipality will abate the condition or; if necessary, demolish the structure.
  • Verify Construction: The department ensures that all construction is performed in accordance with the applicable local and state laws. The goal of the Building and Code Enforcement Department is to provide safe housing for residents by ensuring that all new construction, existing building renovations and system installations are performed by qualified individuals in a professional manner.
  • Verify Sound Properties: The department ensures that properties are structurally sound. The department does not tolerate deterioration that may potentially impact a building's structural integrity. When this occurs, the department will move to have the owner demolish the building. In the event an owner is unable or unwilling to do so, the Municipality will have the building demolished and the lot cleared of all debris.
  • And, last but certainly no least, treat each and every resident with whom we interact with courtesy and respect.