Work Inspections

Once the plans and permit application are reviewed and approved, you are ready to start your project. You will be required to call into the Norristown Code Enforcement Department at certain points during the construction process to schedule inspections of the work as it is being completed. Required inspections that are typical of many jobs include:

  • Backfill: Performed after foundation walls are complete or forms are stripped for proper height, anchor bolt placement, damp / water proofing, perimeter drain, parging, and insulation, per design of approved plan. Also confirm that first floor deck is in place or walls are properly braced or no more than 4 inches of backfill.
  • CMU: Performed at the beginning to determine compliance with proper mortar head and bed joints.
  • Drywall: Performed as the lay-up begins, to check fastening and fit; before tape and spackle.
  • Electrical - Rough: Shall be done before rough framing inspection. Record name of Inspecting agency and date of rough inspection.
  • Energy Conservation: Insulation, tyvek (building wrap), window / door flashing, NFRC ratings for all fenestration - record to confirm compliance.
  • Final: Perform final review of all systems including plumbing, mechanical, electrical, check total building, basement insulation, energy conservation sticker in electric panel, and finish, confirm that grading (and landscaping) conforms to approved plan.
  • Footing: Performed after excavation, all forms are in place with all required rebar in place and properly supported, all debris removed from footing excavations, bottom of footings solid and capable of design support, depth pins at the edge of the footing, layout conforms to approved plan (no ‘jumps’ in footing at line of garage unless designed as such).
  • Foundation Poured Concrete: Performed after forms are completed, all required rebar is in place. No debris in forms, all penetrations properly formed.
  • Framing - Rough: Performed after entire structure is framed to determine compliance with code and design, anchor bolts / straps in place and compliant, jack studs, load bearing supports, proper fastening, braced wall lines, narrow wall bracing, roof tie-downs, foundation straps, sheathing - wall and roof, window and door installation per MFR’s instructions and fire blocking.
  • Mechanical - Rough: Performed at the same time as Rough Framing and includes ductwork, return air, combustion air, appliance location and utility feeds.
  • Plumbing - Rough: Performed at the same time as Rough Framing and includes laterals and services (sewer and water), water supply (test witness), drain-waste-vent (test witness), gas piping (test witness).
  • Roofing: Performed at the same time as Rough Framing and includes underlayment, flashing, drip edge, roof and soffit venting, shingles, and vent boots.
  • Setback: Performed after the lot has been staked out to ensure that the structure is laid out within the building envelope.

Plans on Job Site

In addition, you will be required to keep a set of approved plans on the job site for review by the Construction Code Official when he or she comes to perform an inspection. The Construction Code Official will need to compare what is being constructed to the approved plans to ensure that the work is being done properly.

Important Notice

Remember, it is your responsibility to call into the Norristown Code Enforcement Department at 610-270-0441 to schedule inspections. If fail to call in for a required inspection, the next time the Construction Code Official visits the job site, you may be required to dismantle some of your work so the official can adequately evaluate the job. This can unnecessarily delay the completion of your project.