Community Relations

The Community Relations Unit utilizes multiple strategies for a comprehensive community policing approach.

Partnerships with Community Stakeholders

The Norristown Police department partners with multiple stakeholders throughout Norristown. These partnerships include the community, non-profit organizations, other public sector agencies and the private sector.


The Community Relations Unit seeks to increase community participation and engagement and the Police Department is able to serve the public more effectively with initiatives like:

  • Child Safety Seat
  • Community Task Force
  • Eddie Eagle
  • Hispanic Outreach Program
  • Security Surveys for Homes and Businesses


The Community Relations Unit is staffed by Lieutenant Bishop and Officer Brian Saxon, who are responsible for the coordination of community-based programs. The Community Relations Unit seeks to accomplish this task with the assistance of the entire police department.

New Ideas & Suggestions

The Community Relations Unit is always interested in receiving new ideas from the public. Together we can improve existing programs and introduce new ways to benefit our community. If you have any suggestions for the Unit, please feel free to email the Community Relations Unit.