Scofflaw (Boot) Program

In response to the growing and over whelming number of unpaid parking citations, Norristown enacted legislation (Ordinance Number 04-16) in late 2004 which now allows the police department to "boot" vehicles.

Booting Criteria

Vehicles subject to "booting" are any that currently have at least three delinquent notices issued and sent, for at least three separate ticket violations.


If the owner of the vehicle has not responded to the "booting" of their car at the police department, within 72 hours of placement of the "boot," the vehicle may be towed.

Vehicle Immobilization

In order to have the "boot" removed and or to recover their vehicle, the owner must provide proof of payment for all parking tickets, citations, and "booting charges." If your vehicle has been immobilized (booted), follow these instructions:

  1. You must contact both District Courts and pay off or address all outstanding parking tickets:
    1. Magisterial District 38-1-15
      Francis J. Lawrence, Jr.
      200 W Main Street
      Norristown, PA 19401
    2. Magisterial District 38-1-16
      Margaret A. Hunsicker
      754 E Johnson Highway
      Norristown, PA 19401
    3. Magisterial District 38-02-09
      Greg Scott
      601 Dekalb Street
      Norristown, PA 19401
  2. Bring the receipts to the Norristown Police Department, where all in-house tickets must be paid.
  3. An administration fee of $100 must also be paid to the Municipality of Norristown.
  4. Once all parking tickets and administration fees are paid, an officer will remove the boot.

Important Notice

Booted vehicles may be towed after 72 hours if the tickets and fees are not addressed.