Grants Administration

Each year the Norristown Planning and Municipal Development Department administers more the $2 million in Federal, state and county grants for projects and initiatives designed to further Norristown’s revitalization by:

  • Supporting the rehabilitation of Norristown’s housing stock by providing grants and technical support to qualified home-owners for residential rehab projects and increasing opportunities for home-ownership through public investment in new housing, rehabs and first-time buyer incentives which includes
    • First-Time Home-Buyer Assistance Program. Grant funds to eligible first-time homebuyers to assist them in attaining the American Dream of Owning their home. Please contact the Department of Planning and Economic Development at 610-270-0451 for more information.
    • Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program. Grant funds and technical support to qualified home-owners for rehabilitating their homes and bringing them up to code. Please contact the Department of Planning and Municipal Development at 610-270-0451 for an application.
    • Acquisition, rehabilitation and resale. Grant funds for the acquisition and rehab of deteriorated properties for resale to eligible first time home buyers. Norristown partner’s with local organizations like Habitat for Humanity(8) and a local Community Housing and Development Organization (CHDO), Genesis Housing Corporation (9) to accomplish this task.
  • Building stronger neighborhoods through strategic investments in public parks, residential streetscapes, public infrastructure improvements, and fair housing enforcement.
  • Revitalizing the local business economy through strategic public investment in new streetscapes in the downtown; grants for building façade improvements; technical assistance and micro-loans for small businesses and start-ups; and grants and loans for strategic business investments designed to foster economic growth and create local job opportunities. This includes the:
    • Historic Façade Program. Grants of up to $7,500 are available for properties in the Arts Hill district on DeKalb Street between Lafayette Street and Marshall Street. Each dollar of grant funds must be matched by a dollar of private investment. For more information contact the Planning and Economic Development Department at 610-270-0451.
    • Micro-loan Program. Norristown Municipality in conjunction with The Enterprise Center Capital Corporation (TECC-CC) is offering access to its Microloan fund for the participants in our economic development programs in Norristown. TEC-CC will provide pre- and post- loan technical assistance, loan origination and loan servicing to all qualifying Norristown-based borrowers through our Strategic Loan Fund product. Loans range from $2,500 to 50,000 and offer an easy application process and quick turn- around. Identification of third-party financing opportunities, financial literacy education, credit analysis and counseling, loan packaging and financial intermediation services for small businesses are available. To request an application, contact 610-277-4455 or email Micro-loan Program.
  • Engaging in studies to identify transportation, park and other improvements that enhance the quality of life in Norristown and promote economic growth; and identifying funding sources to bring these plans to life.