Strategic Initiatives

Norristown is an exciting place to be. Several important projects and plans are sure to have a significant and positive impact in the coming years.

Arbor Heights

With the help of federal, state, and county assistance, Norristown is developing two 12-unit condominium units in the heart of DeKalb Street. This exciting project will provide modern, attractive housing that is affordable for young professionals and empty-nesters alike. The project is already gaining attention, attracting new investment to the neighborhood.

Arts Hill

In 2009, Norristown embarked on an effort to create an arts district and local cultural organization. Since then Norristown Arts Council has been created; the second annual arts festival was held in April of 2011; and a second live theater venue on DeKalb Street will be opening in 2012.

DeKalb Street Two Way Study

In 2010 Norristown completed a study to determine the feasibility of changing DeKalb Street, north of Lafayette Street, from one-way to two-way. The goal of the plan is to create better and more direct access into Norristown’s downtown from the north.

Lafayette Street Corridor

This $48 Million project, designed to connect Norristown’s downtown with the Pennsylvania Turnpike, is expected to begin in early 2013.

Markley Street Reconstruction Project

Beginning in early 2013 the first phase of the Markley Street Reconstruction project is set to begin. This $21.5 Million first phase will widen and reconstruct Markley Street from Elm Street to Johnson Highway. Another $15 Million will be invested in the second phase, from Main Street to Elm Street. Set to being in late 2014, phase two will include major improvements to the Main Street Bridge over the Stony Creek