Shade Tree Commission


Street trees in Norristown are regulated by the Norristown Shade Tree Commission. The Norristown Shade Tree Commission regulates transplanting, heavy pruning and removing shade streets along the streets and sidewalks of Norristown, in addition to all public lands such as parks.

Required Approval

Before you remove or do heavy pruning to a shade tree located on your property along a street or sidewalk you must complete a Shade Tree Work Permit Application (PDF) and submit it to the Norristown Code Enforcement Department for review and approval by the Shade Tree Commission. You can contact the Building and Code Enforcement Department by calling 610-270-0441. The department is located at:
Norristown Municipal Building
235 E Airy Street
2nd Floor
Norristown, PA 19401

Emergency Situations

In emergency situations that require the immediate removal of other treatment of a shade tree, the work may proceed provided you make application to the Code Enforcement Department within 24 hours following the work.