Do's and Don'ts


A guide for residents - Do's and Don'ts





Curb Painting

Do not park when curb is painted yellow


Weed Control

Do not allow weeds to grow on your sidewalk


Street/Traffic Sign Installation

Report damaged  or missing signs


Street Striping (marking)

Report faded or missing lines


Street Tree Maintenance

Trim trees on private owned property


Decorations, i.e.; flags, banners

Report a damaged or fallen decoration or banner


Street Light Maintenance

Report a street light outage or malfunction


Traffic Signals

Report a signal malfunction or outage


Trash Collection 

Do not dump trash on Municipal right-of-way


Street Cleaning

Move vehicles on designated maintenance day


Storm Inlet Cleaning

Do not dump material into inlet


Snow Removal

Move vehicles on scheduled maintenance days

Do not shovel snow into streets


Dead Animal Control

Report dead animal on



Leaf Collection 

Put leaves on curb line

Do not put leaves on the street


PA One Calls

Call for a PA 1 if digging is necessary on right-of-way

Do not dig without a PA 1 call first


Park Equipment Maintenance

Call to report damaged equipment


Parks & Grounds Maintenance

Do not dump trash in parks

Dog Waste

Clean up your dog’s waste

Do not allow dog waste in parks and streets

Need more Information

Call Public Works

at 610-270-0437

  1. Thomas N. Odenigbo

    Thomas N. Odenigbo P.E., CFM, CSI

    Director of Public Works