Community Initiative

Teen and Police Service Academy (TAPS)

For the first time in the State of Pennsylvania, and in Montgomery County, Norristown Police Department has launched an initiative to reduce the social distance between teens and law enforcement. The program, Teen and Police Service Academy (TAPS), represents our commitment with community policing.

The program creates a trusted environment for teens to talk to the police and speak their minds. Teens have the opportunity to learn more about what police do and understand the job they are required to take on to protect people, property, and society.

This time, the school selected is Norristown Area High School. The program includes eleven modules that covers topics such as conflict resolution, health/nutrition, bullying, team building, victimization, service, safe driving, substance abuse, active shooter, truancy, etc.

The Deputy Chief of Police, Captain Rich Clowser, leader of the program, with the support of the officers participating, is committed to strengthening relationships with the public as well as reinforcing the public trust.


Rossy Calderon

Officers Involved in TAPS Program

Officers Involved in TAPS Academy

Students and Officers Involved in TAPS Program

Students and Officers Involved in TAPS