Campaign: Improve Safety By Being Informed


Campaign to Improve Safety by Being Informed 

By: Rossy Calderon 


For the past five years our institution, the Norristown Police Department, has been focused on two main aspects; ensuring the safety of the residents and working towards enhancing the quality of life in Norristown. These two elements encompass different approaches, implementation of proven strategies, new viewpoints, a broader understanding of the communities’ needs, and a leadership concentrated in achieving a better future for our municipality.

In a few words, our institution is proactively working to reduce crime in our community, not by applying a zero-tolerance approach, but by identifying potential criminal activity that can lead to an unsafe environment. Moreover, we believe that a well-informed community will have the opportunity to take action, partner with the police and improve everyone’s safety and quality of life.

“Improve Safety by Being Informed” is about educating and advising our community about issues that are or could be affecting Norristown residents. Additionally, it is about the actions taken by our institution to reduce the violence in our neighborhoods. We want to increase safety and reduce crime by informing our residents what is important for them to know. The topics included in this campaign are priorities in our communication strategy.

Topics for the Campaign will include: Gun Violence Reduction; Abandoned Properties – Why is this dangerous?; Opioids, What is the big deal? ; Oh, No! Another ticket? How not to get a ticket; Children Safety; Involved in an accident? Get Informed; Safety on the Streets; Scam Prevention; Identity Theft; Emergency Preparedness; Drug Abuse Prevention; Things to say and don’t know how? Use our anonymous tip line; among others.

Starting May 1st, and for the following three months we are going to be sharing these topics with our residents via social media and our main partners in the effort to make our community a place free of criminal activity and violence. The Times Herald has offered the Norristown Police Department space during weekdays, to publish topics of the Campaign.  These articles will be made available via the Times Herald and the Norristown Police Department’s Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor)

It is your turn to take action. We ask you to be part of this initiative, let’s work together for our community, for our family, and all the residents in Norristown.

Let us serve you with dignity, respect, integrity, and fairness.

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Rossy Calderon

Communication, Public Relations, Community Affairs.