2019 Seven Days Before Christmas


2019 Seven Days Before Christmas

            ‘Tis the season for Holiday cheer and giving once again! Unfortunately, there are some families that will not be able to experience the same Christmas that most of us are used to. There are families that have to decide whether or not to put food on the table or ensure the power and heat are on, and will not be able to provide for a Christmas that most of us will experience.

            The Norristown Police Department is once again looking for nominations for deserving families for our 6th annual Seven Days Before Christmas drive.  We are asking for families that are suffering hardships to the extent that the children in these families will not have a Christmas without the generous support of Norristown Police and partnering businesses.

            Each year, 7 families are chosen from the numerous nominations that we receive, which details why that family should be considered to participate in this program, which gives us a chance to give back to members of the community that need it the most.  The list of nominated families is provided to an outside agency, who then narrows the choice down to the 7 most deserving families.

            Families can be nominated by the School District, social service agencies, members of the Police Department, Fire Department, friends or relatives.  The families will need to be Norristown residents that have family hardships preventing them from providing a Christmas for their children, such as loss of job, death in the family, medical problems, or other hardships that will prevent them from experiencing the joys of this season.

            If you know of a deserving family, please let us know by November 30th. Include the reason they should be considered, where they live, size of family and ages of children, as well as a good contact number or email address. Special interests of each child, age, gender, and shoe and clothing size is also helpful; a wish list for each child may also be helpful.

            Nominations can be sent via email to Lt. Michael Bishop at mbishop@norristown.org. Letters can also be sent to Lt. Bishop, care of Norristown Police Department, 235 East Airy Street, Norristown, Pa 19401.