2023 Bills

The Norristown Stormwater Authority bills all properties annually (with an option to pay quarterly), similar to how the sewer authority bills each property. No bill was received in 2022 because that was covered by the use of ARPA funds.

  • Full payment option: face value is due 7/30/2023, after 07/30/2023 a 10% penalty will be applied. 


  • If the quarterly payment option was elected by 05/30, then the SECOND INSTALLMENT is due 7/30/2023. A 10% penalty will be applied if paid late. 


All payments must be paid to Berkheimer: 

  • By mail: send to the address provided on the notice, include the payment stub in the envelope


PO BOX 21450


After clicking the “Pay Online” button, you will be directed to a 3rd party website “ACI Payments”.

A processing fee will be charged for online payments.

You will be required to enter the account number, tax year, bill number and zip code as shown on the top of your statement, including all leading zeroes.

About Billing/Fees

  • The excel database (as provided and verified by HRG) for the calculation of impervious areas of various parcels in Norristown was based on a flyover assessment of the parcel areas done by HRG, this is the authentic record that the Authority has for verification of impervious areas. (NOTE: That spreadsheet is listed down below in documentation.)
  • The Stormwater Authority uses this data to establish the Stormwater fees.
  • The excel database provides the impervious areas of the parcels which match the parcel sizes as recorded in the Montgomery County Property Records website.
  • However, some Montgomery County Property Records parcel areas that is not consistent with the parcel size as shown in the property deeds of the owners of the properties.

Reasons for such discrepancies may include right-of-way changes; land subdivisions or consolidations; or other property changes that may not have been properly recorded. Although the Stormwater Authority is aware of these potential parcel discrepancies, the excel database provided by HRG is the authentic information that the authority has. Therefore, the property owner should contact the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Appeals to rectify the parcel discrepancy.

Once the parcel discrepancy has been rectified, the property owner shall submit a Stormwater Fee Appeals application to the Stormwater Authority and documentation that the parcel discrepancy has been rectified for review.vAny overage from the stormwater fees received by the Stormwater Authority will be credited back to the property.


Brochure about the advisory committee and stormwater management in Norristown. 

One sheet about the NSWA and the impending fee information (from 2021)

Fee schedule, projects list (from March/April 2022)

Billing Information