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Right-to-Know Request

  1. Please provide as much specific detail as possible so we may identify the information.
  2. Do you want copies?
    Copies are $0.25 per page.
  3. Please identify how many copies you need.
  4. Do you want to inspect the records?
  5. Do you want certified copies of records?
    Certified copies are $5 per page.
  6. Please identify how many certified copies you need.
  7. Right-to-Know Officer
    The Right-to-Know Officer is Crandall O. Jones.
  8. Important Notice
    The Right-To-Know Law grants the Municipality five business days to respond upon receiving your request. Should the Municipality find it necessary, a 30 day extension may be allotted to the agency for additional time to respond to your request.
  9. Please provide your full name.
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