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Use Registration Form

  1. Municipality of Norristown
    235 East Airy Street
    Norristown, PA 19401
    Phone: 610-270-2892
    Norristown Website
    Email Norristown
  2. Instructions
    Please print or type when answering questions.
  3. Also note that this not an application to the Zoning Hearing Board. This form is to register the proposed Use. The "next steps" to be taken will be outlined in the response.
  4. If different from property owner.
  5. Is this an ownership change?
  6. Is this an application for business?
  7. Is this a new business?
  8. Is there existing off-street parking?
  9. Is this business relocating to Norristown from a different municipality?
  10. My home or business is a:
    Please check all that apply.
  11. Does your proposed use involve any new construction?
    You must include a sketch plan with accurate dimensions including lot size, building dimensions, location of structures, where the proposed construction will be, and any other information that you may find relevant.
  12. Are you replacing an existing structure?
  13. If yes, will the new structure be the same size of the old one?
  14. If no, you must include a sketch as stated in the previous question.
  15. Are you adding / removing apartments or rooms?
    If yes, please provide a sketch showing the requirements stated in the new construction question.
  16. Does your proposed use involve erecting a fence?
  17. Please include a sketch of where it will be on your property and its height.
  18. Does your proposed use involve signs?
    If yes, you must include a sketch showing size of the sign, where it will go on the building, and state it it is lit, rotating, or free standing, etc.
  19. “I hereby certify that the statements contained herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that I am authorized by the owner to make the foregoing application, and that, before I accept any permit for which this application is made, the owner shall be made aware of all the conditions of the permit. I understand that if I knowingly make any false statement herein, I am subject to such penalties as may be prescribed by law.”
  20. Important Note for Property Owners and Applicants
    The following may not pertain to everyone. It will only pertain to individuals or parties that will need to seek some type of relief from their proposed Use. The following is for information purposes only. The formal zoning determination from the Planning department will clearly state if you need to seek relief. If you desire to seek relief and make a formal application before the Zoning Hearing Board or Municipal Council, upon the Planning Department’s receipt of said application will you be notified if you are in compliance with Resolution 14-103. If found to be in compliance of 04-103, your application will be accepted and you may appear before the Zoning Hearing Board or Municipal Council. If you (or the property owner) are not in compliance with 04-103, your application will be denied.

    As per Resolution 04-103, if as a result of this zoning application, an individual or party desires to seek relief before either the Zoning Hearing Board or Municipal Council, then said individual or party must be in compliance with all of the Municipal laws, Resolutions, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations to be entitled for any special relief, assistance or special ruling and/or legislation.

    What the above means: If the property owner or the applicant are in violation of any Municipal law or regulation, they may not go before the Zoning Hearing Board or Municipal Council until they are in compliance with this law or regulation. Example: If an individual owes rental fees to the Municipality through the Building and Code department and needs to seek a Special Exception for another property that they own within the Municipality, this individual will not be able to seek relief until all rental fees are paid in full.
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